Our laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach to study cognition at multiple levels of analyses.


We use a many electrophysiological techniques to study the biology of cognition. Specifically, we use patch clamp and field recording as our main techniques.


We use intracellular injections of fluorescent dyes (Lucifer Yellow, Alexa 594) in fixed tissue and in certain cases also injection of Biocytine during Patch Clamp recording


Most of our studies involve a thorogh behavioral analysis. For this purpose our laboratory uses a several tests that allow us to evaluate a wide range of rodent behaviors (Morris Water Maze, Fear Conditioning, Novel Object Location and more).

Molecular manipulations

We used different strategies to manipulate the function of molecules in the brain, including pharmacology and gene transfer with viral vectors or plasmids in vitro and in vivo. We also use several lines of transgenic mice.


We are using time-lapse two-photon confocal imaging in vitro.