Cognitive Enhancement

Our New book on Cognitive Enhancement

This new book contains a vast amount of information regarding traditional and modern strategies aimed at enhancing cognitive function, both in animals and humans. The editors made an effort to make this book accessible to the general public, although some of the chapters may be more scientifically orientated than others. Nevertheless, the general goal of this book is to bring together the bulk of information available in this field, in the hope that this will eventually help scientists to develop new, more efficient approaches to treat cognitive impairment.

An article in El Correo

Terapias a medida. El futuro de la medicina pasa por tratamientos diferentes para pacientes de una misma enfermedad, algo que ya se hace con éxito con el cáncer de mama.

Press 2016

Descubierta una proteína clave en la pérdida de memoria en el Alzheimer.

Mind The Neuron

Entrance of PTEN to spines, as captured by time lapse imaging with a two-photon microscope.