Lab Members


2017. From left to right: Diego Asua (undergraduate student), Raul Escribano (Technician), Shira Knafo (PI), Alberto Ouro (PhD) and Ghassen Bougamra (graduate student)

Sitting: Maria Calleja (graduate student) and Maria Ulloa  (undergraduate student).


Dr. Miguel Morales and Dr. Alberto Ouro at the lab (2018)

Dr. Alberto Ouro in a lab meeting (2018)

 Diego Asua in a lab meeting (2017)

Dr. Miguel Morales at the rig (2018)

Maria Calleja in a lab meeting (2018)

Maria Ulloa in a lab meeting (2018)

Alain Castaño in a lab meeting (2018)

Dr. Cristina Sanchez-Puelles and Shira Knafo on Cristina's Thesis defense (2017)

2016. From left to right: Alberto Ouro (PhD), Shira Knafo (PI), Igotz Delgado (PhD= Maria Calleja (graduate student) and Raul Escribano (technician)

2016. From left to right: Diego Asua (undergraduate student), Miguel Morales (PhD), Alberto Ouro (PhD), Shira Knafo (PI), Maria Calleja (graduate student) and Ghassen Bougamra (visitng student)

2014. From left to right: Shira Knafo (PI), Igotz Delgado (postdoc), Cristina Sanchez-Puelles (graduate student), Ianire diaz and Maria Calleja (graduate student) 


 2014. From left to right: Maria Calleja (graduate student), , Ianire diaz (Visitng) Cristina Sanchez-Puelles (graduate student) and Igotz Delgado (postdoc). 

  Shira Knafo, MD, PhD, principal investigator, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Miguel Morales, PhD, Senior Research Associate

  Alberto Ouro, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow


   María Calleja, M.Sci., Graduate Student

 Former members of the lab

 Diego Asua, undergraduate student

Maria Olluo, undergraduate student

 Alain Lopez , undergraduate student

   DrCristina Sanchez-Puelles

 Dr. Igotz Delgado