Lecture at the EMBO Europhosphatase meeting, July 2017 




SENC meeting, Granada, September 2015

At the SENC meeting John Aggleton gave a fantastic plenary talk sponsored by the EBBS.  

The upcoming EBBS meeting in Bilbao was announced.

 An inteview for the Spanish Society for Neuroscience


FENS Forum, Milan, July 2014

In the symposium we organized at the FENS meeting titled Pharmacological and optogenetic control of cognition (Chaired by Shira Knafo and Tim Bussey) we described the substantial progress and innovative research tools that now allow multiple-level analysis of the molecular and cellular basis of cognitive function. This symposium provided new insights into the mechanisms underlying these fundamental processes by presenting data obtained with approaches involving pharmacological, optogenetics, synaptic and molecular manipulations. Specifically, the talk of Shira Knafo described a novel approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in it’s early stages. This approach is based on improving cognitive function with genetic and molecular tools, and may lead to the development of new drugs that are not aimed at lowering the levels of Amyloid beta but at improving synaptic function. Thus, it seems that controlling synaptic function with a variety of novel tools might represent a promising strategy to alleviate cognitive impairment related to Alzheimer’s disease. See an article in Spanish on this event.


Neurogune, San-Sebastian, July 2014